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Customers comments

  • Congratulations Helios on 25 years. I think Helios is a very good, efficient company and thank all of you for being so dedicated to the well being of all the people you supply. Best wishes for the future of Helios and all who sail in her ! OK Yorkshire

  • Thank you very much! Your webshop is the best of all about homeopathic remedies! Best wishes MFI Finland

  • Dear All, it is a Thanksgiving in USA, and I am giving thanks to you all for your outstanding job, for making high quality remedies, for always working with me, for making special arrangements and higher potencies. You help me tremendously to do my job well. Every time I reach out to give a remedy to a patient, I think of all of you, who made these remedies, put it in bottles, packaged it, and made sure I have it on time, when my patients need them. I would not be able to practice without you. 90% of my pharmacy is from Helios. I am immensely grateful for what you do for me and for my patients. Your remedies make my work look very good, your remedies healed many people. thank you again, regards, CS CS USA

  • I see there are many improvements; thank you! ... Keep up the good work! TT UK

  • Your service is fantastic and everything is always as ordered and done expediently. Thanks so much for your efforts and care. Dr. DF Oregon USA

  • Order received, beautifully packed and quick. You are all so nice, and most efficient. Many thanks. DW Eire

  • Many thanks for the helpful telephone consultation I was given on 16th January, which was 'therapy' in itself and for the prompt delivery of my medication. MC Norfolk UK

  • Excellent service - this order has arrived - less than 24 hrs from when I phoned!!! Thank you. JC Surrey UK

  • Thanks so much for the extra communication this has taken. I do so value what Helios does for the whole homeopathic community, and I thank you for your dedication. AJ Oregon USA

  • Thank goodness for your service, people are already benefiting on our tiny island. DW Thailand

  • Thank you for attentive to my orders and my letter. Very pleasant to work with you. KG Russia