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Holistic Lifepath

Supporting your pet on the journey through life.. ..with a little help from nature
Introductory Workshop Sunday 22nd January 2017

9:30am to 5:00 pm Forest Lodge Veterinary Centre

Vet Chris Aukland has a wealth of experience in holistic healthcare for pets and by popular demand is running another of his Lifepath Workshops for Pets.  If you want to be empowered to give your animals the best in holistic healthcare throughout every stage of their lives then this workshop is for you and covers nutrition, homeopathic remedies and much more.

  • Foundation - starting with good, robust principles from which it is possible to build optimum health and vitality.
  • Framework. - learning how to create and craft a framework that helps you map out the Lifepath for your pet.
  • Focus - seeing how you can focus on the key ingredients that engender health.
  • Fine-tune - knowing how to fine tune to your pets particular needs in particular situations.
  • Fabulous - how to become fabulous at coordinating all these themes together.

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