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Our People

At Helios, whatever our position within the company, we are committed to providing you with an excellent service.  Our teams of qualified homeopaths based in Tunbridge Wells and Covent Garden are on hand to offer expert advice whether in person at our pharmacies, over the telephone or online.

We are a caring, supportive and friendly team, united in our passion for homeopathy and its important role in the health care of our customers.

To contact any of the personel below, e-mail for the attention of, to order@helios.co.uk

The current Helios management team and their key roles:

Tunbridge Wells

Managing Director/Superintendant: John Morgan M.R.Pharm.S
General Manager: Roger Hadden M.R.Pharm.S
Pharmacy Manager: Richard Appleby
Office Manager: Vanessa Rusted
E-commerce Managers: Caroline Auckland, Cathy Kirkin
Qualified Person: John Lee
Production Manager: James Thurston
Quality Control Manager: Yvette Young
Shop Manager: Jane Minty
Laboratory Manager: John Kirk
Technical Manager: Bob Lawrence
Sales and Marketing Manager: Roz Crompton

Covent Garden

General Manager: Janet Weddell M.R.Pharm.S