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Helios Clinic

For Homoeopathy and Complementary Therapies

97a Camden Road
Tunbridge Wells,
Kent TN1 2QR
01892 510950 / 557690

For all clinic enquiries and appointments only, please ring our receptionists
on 01892 510950 / 557690 (10am-4pm Mon-Fri and 10am-2pm Sat.)
who will be happy to assist you.

For information orders and homoeopathic advice please see our contact details

The Clinic is open Monday to Saturday and consultations are by appointment only.



We have four homeopaths working at Helios Clinic.

Katharine Boulderstone M.A.R.H
Sarah Hemesley R.S.Hom
John Morgan R.S.Hom
Isabella Wallerstein R.S.Hom

We also offer the following complementary treatments:

Alexander Technique

The Alexander technique is a mind body skill that helps you to identify and prevent harmful postural habits that may be the cause of pain. By learning to recognise and release excessive, muscular tension you can acheive better balance and co-ordination. People use the Alexander Technique to help overcome muscle tension and stiffness; back, neck and joint pain; poor posture, breathing, anxiety and stress.
Cecile Ambrose, BA (Hons) MSAT


Aromatherapy is an ancient therapeutic art using the vibrations of essential oils to rejuvinate, de-stress physically, mentally and spiritually. A beautiful relaxing uplifting experience increasingly used by Medical practitioners. Therapeutic massage relieves physical and stress related problems - it can greatly assist injury recovery. Incorporating different techniques, treatments are individualised to achieve maximum benefit.
Laura Mason, M.I.F.A C.B.P.

Boulderstone Technique

We work directly with your individual life force to facilitate deepest cure. By putting our hands on your head or injured part, we can feel where there is an abnormal energy flow. By working with the body’s own attempt to correct the flow, we enable you to restore your natural state of health and vitality.
Katharine Boulderstone, B.A., DSHom, M.A.R.H

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling offers guidance and support to enable individuals to explore the obstacles to their personal growth and development. Moments of crisis may bring discomfort which push us to do something about it. Psychosynthesis can help to discover our True Self and to realise our own unique purpose and potential. I work with adults, couples and young children (CRB checked)
John Marriott, MBACP [accredited] UKRCP

Developmental Integration Technique

DIT has a large track record of success in the remediation of learning difficulties. These may include specific conditions such as Dyslexia, Co-ordination problems, poor concentration or memory, hyperactivity and speech difficulties. DIT has equally helped numerous other people to enhance their performance in school, in the office, in business, in social skills and sport.
Paul Burnett, MA Grad.RSM, MCHom, R.S.Hom

Food Intolerance Testing

Many health problems stem from poor tolerance of certain foods. I will find out which foods are causing a problem by testing the muscle response to each. The test is quick, painless, non-invasive and accurate. Dietary advice is also given, depending on your individual response to the testing and your particular circumstances.
Katharine Boulderstone, B.A., DSHom, M.A.R.H


Hypnotherapy can help you to work through any difficulties in your life and release unwanted problems. Accessing your inner self gives you the opportunity to understand yourself, which in turn empowers you to make necessary changes for healthier, happier & more fulfilled life. All therapy is treated with sensitivity, empathy and in complete confidence. With only a few sessions of hypnotherapy, you can be motivated to become the person you want to be.

Mandy Wiggins Dip.Hyp CS, Dip. PC

Integrative Body Psychotherapy

Our life stories are held in our bodies. Conflicts and difficulties can cause us to tighten and contract and in turn can lead to illness and pain. The safely held therapeutic relationship is central as source of healing while understanding all our emotional and psychological problems to be in the context of the body-heart-mind system as a whole. For further information visit www.lizawaller.co.uk
Liza Waller CABP, UKCP

Jungian Psychotherapy

Working together with a unique combination where the areas of life which feel stuck or in need of dynamic change can be discussed. Within each consultation the emphasis focuses on symbology and listening to all levels of being. By discovering where energies are stuck allows both conscious choice and healing potential. I am also a Myers-Briggs practitioner.
Julia Fisher M.A.(psych) Analytic psy. BACP Reg


Well known as a muscle testing tool for allergies and intolerances of foods and other substances, new developments in kinesiology also offer exciting possibilities far beyond. After identifying underlying problems through muscle testing, gentle stimulation of correct acupoints restores the body’s natural energy flow. This offers huge benefits in all areas, not least osteo and other forms of arthritis, back pain, muscular aches and pains, digestive and respiratory troubles, emotional problems, lack of confidence, intellectual blockages, etc.
Paul Burnett, MA Grad.RSM, MCHom, R.S.Hom

Nutritional Therapy and Naturopathy

Optimum nutrition is fundamental to our well being and our mental, emotional and physical health.
Any age group, any health concern can be addressed from eating disorders to infertility/pre-conceptual care (Foresight UK). Looking at the daily diet, eating habits and our relationship to food, as well as learning about its healing qualities and other Naturopathic ‘tools’ are all part of the treatment.
Corinna Mainberger MA R. Nut.Cert. R.I.P.H.H.

Physiotherapy and Massage

Arthur Benjamin Massage and Physiotherapy is a practice that specializes in soft tissue treatment. We treat a wide spectrum of clients from high-level athletes and dancers to individuals who may wish to simply make an appointment for a stress reducing and relaxing massage. www.abmap.co.uk
Ben Randall BSc (Hons) Dip


A non-invasive therapy that can accelerate physical healing, balance the emotions and encourage relaxation and spiritual growth, helping prevent illness, fatigue and stress. A simple system of healing that anybody can learn to help themselves and others. Increasingly used in hospitals and hospices.
Thursday evening “Reiki Sharing” at Helios Clinic. All welcome
Laura Mason, M.I.F.A C.B.P.

Rolfing Structural Integration

Are you interested in having a friendlier relationship with your body - greater ease,  agility, posture, freer breath and less discomfort? Try Rolfing! Over ten structured sessions, Rolfing® helps to unwind layers of tissue strain, which may have built up over many years due to injury, habitual posture and emotional holding.
John McLane Certified Rolfer