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Our aims

Helios was formed by John Morgan and four enthusiastic homeopathic students with a great passion for homeopathy. Their shared ambition was to create a new source of potent, accurate and effective remedies to bring profound healing and relief of suffering.

Nearly 32 years later we have seventy dedicated staff based at our Tunbridge Wells and Covent Garden locations and a bank of over 3,800 remedies, serving customers in 140 countries.

We remain committed to producing homeopathic remedies of the highest quality, using the traditional Hahnemann techniques of hand trituration and potentisation and employ qualified homeopaths to almost all staff positions. This ensures we not only produce remedies of the utmost integrity, but also our customers whether students and practitioners of homeopathy, the public, or our retail partners, can use remedies with confidence and are able to access the expert advice they need, when they need it.  

We are proud to be part of the global homeopathic community and continue our pioneering work in sourcing original and rare remedies for proving and therapeutic use and are world leaders in the development of 'LM' potencies. 

Alongside our remedies we have carefully selected a range of supplements, flower essences and skin and hair products from around the world, made by companies sharing our quality standards and commitment to using organic and natural ingredients from sustainable sources. Our extensive collection of books covers a wide range of topics from homeopathy and flower essences to healing and philosophy. We even have a range of natural products for your pets.

Helios holds a Manufacturing Licence enabling us to make our quality remedies and creams available for re-sale in pharmacies, health shops and clinics.  In addition to our own products, we also manufacture remedies, flower essences and veterinary ranges for other companies who share our vision and adherence to the highest quality standards.

Our holistic health clinic in Tunbridge Wells offers a wide range of complementary therapies covering all your healthcare needs.  

The Covent Garden, branch in London opened in 2001 and being centrally located is an ideal place for overseas customers to visit or collect large orders previously placed before arriving in the uk.

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