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Books for Christmas

The Helios Book Department has evolved over many years with the support of interested clients like you.

We are hugely enthusiastic about stocking a variety of titles: from the classics by old masters such as Kent, to cutting-edge ideas inspiring today's homeopaths (eg: Sankaran, Scholten, the Joshis, Yakir and others).

Alongside our exciting homeopathic titles you will find a fantastic selection of Complementary Health and Mind Body Spirit titles. There really is something for everyone – whether health professional, homeopath, interested lay-person, mum, dad, or care-giver.

This Christmas we have assembled a festival of exciting titles for you. Go on - treat friends and loved ones to some of our gorgeous books – while stocks last.

In keeping with the Christmas themes of Renewal and Light, our focus is on heart-centred energies: the giving and receiving of touch, healing, and ultimately, love.

Happy browsing!


Baby Massage (Step By Step Guide)

A consumer-friendly guide for first-time or experienced parents, grand...


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Chakras For Beginners

If you are feeling out of balance this reflects the state of your chak...


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Crossing The Healing Zone

Beautiful guide by this Jungian psychotherapist to the area he calls "...


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Frankie's Foibles

Engagingly written and beautifully illustrated story about Frankie, wh...


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Gem Water

Detailed instructions on how safely to prepare 135 crystals to make ge...


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Gentle Energy Touch

Accessible, gentle and powerful: Learn how to heal yourself and others...


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Green-Eyed Goblin (The)

Deep inside everyone a little goblin lies sleeping. When he wakes up, ...


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Hands-on Healing For Pets

Insights into behaviour/emotions & detailed illustrations of chakr...


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Healing & Health with Homeopathic Color & Sound Remedies

In this fascinating work on the use of colour and sound in homeopathic...


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Healing Crystals

In this A-Z guide to 555 gem-stones, each one illustrated by a vibrant...


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Heart & Circulation - Natural Authority

This very thoughtful examination of heart disease in relation to homeo...


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Homeopathy & Patterns in Mammals

The creativity and resourcefulness of the Joshi's informs this compreh...


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Lac Remedies In Practice

Extremely well written, clear, and user-friendly discussion of 8 of th...


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Marma Therapy

Marma Therapy is an ancient Ayurvedic tradition. Marmas were described...


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Path With Heart

Winner of several awards, "A Path with Heart", offers wise advice enab...


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Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica

Boericke's classic Materia Medica, now revised and up-dated in this 20...


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Practical Zen

This is a step-by-step guide which will help you open to the tremendou...


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Rose Quartz - Garden Of The Heart

This, the thirteenth jewel, is a follow-on from the author's "Twelve J...


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Sea Remedies

This is a Materia Medica with a difference, drawing its poetic resonan...


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Secret Medicines From Your Garden

Herbalist and teacher of herb lore for over 30 years brings you a rich...


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Six Healing Sounds - Qigong For Children

Lovely colourful story book to read with young children - illustratin...


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Twelve Essential Healing Crystals

If you want to use crystals for healing, but have limited time and sp...


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Twelve Jewels

12 precious and sem-precious gemstones made into homoeopathic remedies...


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Walking With The Angels

Few books give so broad and poetic a guide as this about how we can ac...


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Way of The Five Seasons (The)

Live the seasons in harmony, the Chinese wisdom way. This comprehensiv...


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White Eagle - Divine Mother

When the power of Kundalini (or spiritual awakening) centres in the he...


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Wondrous Order Systematic Table of Homeopathic Plant Remedie...

This stupendous work on the plant kingdom tabulates its subjects' them...


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You Are How You Move

Chi Kung exercises are gentle and help open up big pivotal joints of t...


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