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Vitamin D3 Minty Spray for kids 13.5ml approx 240 doses Higher Nature

Minty tasting vitamin D3 spray Safeguard your whole family but especially the y...


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Vital Vits Chewable Multivitamin for kids 30 fruity tablets Higher Nature

Contains 19 essential vitamins and mineralsThree delicious fruity flavours with ...


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Smart Focus Fruity jellies for kids 30 Higher Nature

At last – essential omegas in a jelly format with delicious fruity flavour! Int...


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Sambucol For Kids Elderberry 120ml Higher Nature Sambucol

Sambucol for Kids is specifically developed for use by kids ages 2-10. Sambucol...


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Relax & Unwind mixed berry flavour powder for kids with calc... Higher Nature

For any time of the day but really effective as a wind down drink just before be...


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Multiguard For Kids 100 Tablets Lamberts Lamberts

Multi-Guard® for Kids remains one of the best children’s formulas available in t...


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Biocare A,C,D Plus Drops with B comp & Zinc 15ml from 1 mont... Biocare

A liquid multivitamin formula suitable for babies from 1 month and up to 1 year...


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