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Using Miasms In Homoeopathy

Very clear, concise and informative account of the miasms; what their role in ho...


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Tubercular Miasm ( Indian P - Back )

Themes, dreams, intellect & emotions; physical spheres & peculiarities,...


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This stream of syphilitic consciousness flows through 11 remedies (including Sco...


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Signatures, Miasms, Aids

In-depth discussion of Hahnemann's miasms & progeny: Carcinosin, Tuberculin...


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Nosodes And Imponderables Come Alive!

NOW 30% OFF WHILE STOCKS LAST. These lively, modern homeopaths explore and exten...


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Miasms of The New Millennium

Ten miasms examined with great clarity and detail by these two master homeopaths...


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Miasms As Practical Tools

Vet. author spans animal & human species - with case histories - presenting ...


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Miasms & Nosodes

Absolutely fascinating study of some 30 nosodes - (some newly proved by the auth...


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Miasmatic Prescribing

A comprehensive classical overview of the theory of miasms, incorporating Psora...


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Journey Of A Disease

A clear & compassionate account of diseases & their suppression in the ...


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Integrity Of Homoeopathy (The)

Based on Sheilagh Creasy's extensive experience as a classical homoeopath - span...


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Indications Of Miasm (Indian Ed.)

Great overview of the 5 main miasms: Psora, Syphilis, Sycosis, TB, & Cancer ...


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Homeopathy And Human Evolution

This teacher and visionary homeopath, sadly dead, has inspired a whole generat...


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Homeopathic Remedies For The Stages Of Life

Beginning at the unicellular stage, progressing through childhood, maturity, old...


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Homeopathic Miasms

Sub-titled "A Modern View", Ian Watson gives his usual insightful and succinct...


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Homeopathic Facial Analysis

Companion book to BK1670 , ("Appearance & Circumstance" - which discusses the th...


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From Cave To Computer

Entertainingly written and extremely interesting, this book will take you on a c...


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Foundation of Chronic Miasms (Homeopathy)

FURTHER 20% REDUCTION! NOW £22.00 Extremely experienced international teacher/ho...


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Appearance & Circumstance

Facial features can indicate the preponderance of a particular miasm - together ...


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Aids Miasm (The)

Tracing the evolution of the AIDS miasm through the development of the mass me...


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