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Your Pathway to Classical Homeopathy

Written as an introduction to classical homeopathy. French husband and wife team...


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Understanding Homoeopathy

Concise intro. for patients to hom. principles; conveys the difference between a...


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Treat Your Child Yourself

Distillation of many years' clinical expertise gives parent the benefits of quic...


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Surviving With Natural Remedies

Practical information on surviving emergency situations. Specific coverage inclu...


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Something In The Water

This entertaining collection of short stories by a homeopath illustrates cases,...


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Rhymes For Remedies

NOW 40% OFF WHILE STOCKS LAST. Delightful hardback, colour-illustrated guide to...


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Parent's Guide To Homeopathy (The)

This extremely comprehensive, clear guide gives detailed advice - including supp...


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Multilingual Travelcard

A handy A5 size laminated card explaining in 9* different languages, to all ...


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More Magic Of The Minimum Dose

Being a true healer, Dorothy Shepherd believed that every sufferer should know o...


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Little Book Of Homoeopathy ( The )

Tiny and extremely informative book on Homoeopathy. Alphab. Covers 44 remedies &...


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Lisa & The Mystery Of The Little White Globules

Written for primary school children - to be read to aloud or to read themselves...


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Introduction and Guide to Homeopathy

A handy reference guide with an excellent index of symptoms and materia medica. ...


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Homeopathy Handbook For Children

French Doctor-homeopath gives extensive advice on treating children's acutes hom...


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Homeopathy For Plants

Beautifully presented, very clear account of how to use homoeopathic remedies to...


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Homeopathy for Mother & Baby

Accessible information for the lay person covering the homeopathic treatment of ...


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Homeopathy For Common Ailments

Beautifully illustrated, simple guide to homoeopathic remedies and how to use th...


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Homeopathy for Children - A Parent's Guide

For all parents who wish to treat their children homoeopathically. The book incl...


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Homeopathy and Natural Remedies for Children

This booklet punches well above its weight. If you have babies and children you ...


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Homeopathy - Twenty Questions Answered

20 succinct, well-referenced questions about homeopathy demonstrating its positi...


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Homeopathy - A Rational Choice In Medicine

Wonderful little book to recommend to all sorts: people who want to know what ho...


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Homeopathy - A Pictorial Guide

A compact and very straightforward therapeutic guide listing keynote symptoms fo...


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