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Vitis Vinifera

Provings of red & white wine together with observations of some keynotes from th...


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Vacuum - The Proving

Having been immersed in the proving of Vacuum for the past year, certain ideas h...


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Using Provings In Homoeopathy

The various different versions of homoeopathic provings - from Hahnemannian thro...


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Tungsten: Homoeopathic Proving

A new proving of the metal Tungsten by members of the North West college of Ho...


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Tobacco- through the prism of homeopathy - SALE (WAS £15.00)

This book uses the basis of a homeopathic proving to explore tobacco from a hist...


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Three Trees - Survivors On Earth

The Dream provings of 3 ancient trees. The World Tree (Diospyros Kaki Crevel...


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Sol Britannic - SALE (Was £5.95)

The Helios remedy!!! Proved in 1992 as awareness of the ozone layer's serious d...


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Scars - Modern Proving Carcinosin

Yes - there is now an actual proving of Carcinosin!!!! Also titled "The Scars ...


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Sacred Plants, Human Voices

Lotus (Themes:psychosis/Inside v. outside, killing/violence, irritable/anger; sh...


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Provings Vol. 2

6 Hahnemannian-style provings from the Irish school, as conducted by Nuala Eisin...


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Provings Vol. 1

5 Hahnemannian-style provings from the Irish school, as conducted by Nuala Eisin...


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Provings Vol 3

Seven Provings from the Burren School of Homeopathy give their typically well-fl...


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Proving of Emerald (Homeopathic & Meditative) - SALE (Was £6...

Emerald: what a gem! Very thorough proving highlights many marked correspondenc...


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Portia Fimbriata

Delightful proving, capturing the creative essence of the Pirate Spider - with ...


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Placenta Humanum ( Welsh )

The themes of calmness, indifference, nostalgia, journey, and self-recognition a...


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Pearl ( A4 Leaflet )

Pearl encapsulates the beautiful idea and ideal of bringing perfection into ordi...


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Neon was the first of the noble gases created here as a remedy at Helios in 1993...


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Meditative Provings (Vol 1)

Remedies covered: Amethyst, Ayahuasca, Bay Leaf, Berlin Wall, Blue, Caesium, Ch...


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Luna: A Proving - SALE (was £5.95)

Helios's sister, Selene, absorbs the reflected rays of the sun, suppressing her ...


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Homeopathic Proving Spectrum (Rainbow)

This is the "Conventional" homoeopathic proving of Spectrum (otherwise known as ...


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Homeopathic Proving Of Plutonium

Pluto, son of Uranus,(Chronos), was eaten by his own father before being spewed ...


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