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  • Thank you very much! Your webshop is the best of all about homeopathic remedies! Best wishes MFI Finland

  • Congratulations Helios on 30 years. I think Helios is a very good, efficient company and thank all of you for being so dedicated to the well being of all the people you supply. Best wishes for the future of Helios and all who sail in her ! OK Yorkshire

  • Thank you. I appreciate that in England I can get what I need to make my family healthy. I wish the doctors in the USA had such intelligence. I am so very grateful you are there. Your homeopathy has healed my daughter before and I am forever grateful to everyone at Helios. KS USA

  • Just thought a thanks is due ! Have always found the people on the phone line very very helpful and knowledgeable. Again this time the whole experience was great - the cream just has worked wonders and the advice on the phone was just perfect too. Thanks ! SB SB UK

  • Ordered yesterday, arrived this morning. Now that's what I call good service! Thank you very much. Kind regards, LS Somerset UK

  • Thank you so much for the remedies. They have changed my life as has my Homeopath & my education. November 2016 AB Surrey UK

  • Hi I received my merchandise today, thank you. Very fast service. Everything is in excellent condition. Will definitely use your company again. Many thanks T- January 2017 Canada

  • Thank you very much for the order. All received as usual in great safe package. Thank you for the unchanged quality, prices and high homeopathic standards. April 2017 Dr. I.R. Cyprus

  • I currently have a litter of puppies and would like to put information about your pet first aid kit in my puppy packs. I ordered this kit myself and I have to say it's the best thing I've ever purchased. August 2017 Alison Surrey