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Getting Advice

There are several ways you can get homeopathic advice.

Our sales lines at our pharmacies in Tunbridge Wells (01892 537254) and Covent Garden (0207 379 7434) are staffed by trained homeopaths. If you are in the area please do visit us and one of our qualified homeopaths would be pleased to speak with you in person.

Our homeopaths can give advice for self-limiting (acute) conditions by asking a few questions about the details of your symptoms and suggest the appropriate remedy best suited to help you. They are trained to refer you for further professional help if necessary and can also advise on the large range of products and books we provide.

For longer term (chronic) conditions an appointment can be made in our clinic for a more in depth approach which is necessary to get the best results with homeopathy. This involves a longer consultation with a practitioner to assess your case and find the most curative homeopathic medicine to suit your individual symptom picture.

If you live in the Tunbridge Wells area we have four homeopaths who work at the Helios Clinic as well as several other complementary healthcare practitioners. The clinic Telephone number, for appointments only, is 01892 510950. For remedy orders and acute advice, please call 01892 537254

To find a Homeopath in your area there is an excellent website www.findahomeopath.org.uk listing all the registered homeopaths and homeopathic doctors in the UK.

To find a Homeopathic Vet for your animals please go to the British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons website www.bahvs.com where you will find contact details of qualified homeopathic vets in the UK.