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Pet Bundle - Helios Pet Kit, Balm & Shampoo

Buy a kit, balm and shampoo and get a 20% discount. The total cost of the three...


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Helios SOeSsence Pet Shampoo 350ml Helios Homoeopathy

In a mild SLS free shampoo base we have blended essential oils of Lavender and R...

(35% sconto £5.53) £8.50

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Helios SOeSsence Pet Balm 50g Helios Homoeopathy

Helios SOeSsence Pet Balm blends organic plant tinctures of Hypericum and Cale...

(35% sconto £4.06) £6.25

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Helios SOeSsence Flower Formula for Pets 10ml Helios Homoeopathy

Helios SOeSsence Flower Formula is a combination flower essence containing Blueb...

(35% sconto £2.57) £3.95

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Helios Pet Kit Helios Homoeopathy

Strong, lightweight and compact the Helios Pet Kit Covers a wide range of minor ...

(35% sconto £23.56) £36.25

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