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An in-depth study of a remedy increasingly needed in children because of their ...


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Orchids in Homeopathy

NEW LOWER PRICE! Orchids are not well represented in standard materia medicas. O...


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Metals In Homeopathy

A number of paediatric cases presented here by this dynamic & very experien...


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Homeopathic Treatment Of Children

This book covers 8 of the most commonly used remedies : Calc carb, Lycopodium, ...


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Homeopathic Sketches Of Children's Types

23 remedy pictures of children's types. Wth the author's usual insight and perc...


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Gifted and insightful French homeopathic paediatrician (sadly killed in a road a...


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Children's Types (Kusse)

56 modern descriptions of children's remedy types - with some photographs. Each ...


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Challenging Children - Success With Homeopathy

Very clearly written and designed to help parents, this book describes the hom....


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Gorgeous book - like its subject - examining both butterflies and moths (13 spec...


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Actinides In Homeopathy

The Actinides - included in the Uranium series of the Periodic Table - are highl...


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