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Sensations As If (Indian Ed.)

A brilliant and invaluable tool to aid repertorisation This one records, in alpa...


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Repertory of Veterinary Homeopathy

Tabular format of clear modalities, causes and concomitants - based around body ...


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Repertory Of The Elements

Repertorise the remedies described in Scholten's works on Minerals and elemen...


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Repertory of Hom. Nosodes and Sarcodes

70 remedies in repertory form (incl. bowel nosodes). Relationships with other r...


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Repertory of 20 Meditative Provings

Ayahuasca, Bayleaf, Berlin Wall, Chalcancite, Clay, Emerald, Eryngium Mar (Sea H...


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Modern Guide & Index To Mental Rubrics/ Kent Repertory

Kent repertory-speak is a challenge to student and practitioner! By introducing ...


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Mind Defined - SALE (Was £15.00)

Supplies the gap in the market left by a shortage of 19th c Websters dictionarie...


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Homeopathic Clinical Repertory ( 3rd New Ed)

NEW LOWER PRICE! Reorganised to be clearer & with additional chapters: (Ca...


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Contemporary Repertory Med. Provings

Here at last - A repertory covering all remedies contained in Volumes 1 &...


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Concise Repertory

A great repertory for that in-between stage of knowing a bit about homoeopathy b...


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Comprehensive Repertory New Hom Remedies

Colin Griffith has been practising and teaching homeopathy for 25 years. He has ...


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Boenninghausen's Therapeutic Pocket Book

The first repertory ever - complete with an in-depth remedy comparison - broken ...


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