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Your Body Speaks Your Mind

How the emotions play out in terms of the body's expression. For example - u...


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You Can Heal Your Life

Louise Hay offers practical steps for dissolving both the fears and causations o...


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Mirror Of Existence

The author inspires us to 'Tune in', to the higher frequencies of intuition and ...


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Kundalini And The Chakras

This book gives detailed instructions on the chakras and their position withi...


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Dancing with the Devil (As you channel in the Light)

Extremely experienced Reiki practitioner and healer describes the layout of the ...


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Chakras For Beginners

If you are feeling out of balance this reflects the state of your chakras or sub...


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Awakening The Flame

The Violet flame chakra, closely associated with the ascended Master, St. Germai...


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Aura Reading For Beginners

Very informative guide on how to tune into auras; the meaning of the different...


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