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Remedy Preparation

Helios pharmacy was born out of the desire of Homeopaths to prepare remedies for themselves and to create an original source of remedies from the material substance. This ideal continues and Helios is committed to finding quality remedy sources and preserving the accuracy of its potentisation methods. We are constantly updating our remedy bank in order to eventually have Helios sourced products from the lowest to the highest potency.  Today we have a unique and extensive remedy bank of over 3,500 potentised substances.

Material Sources

The bulk of our mother tinctures are obtained from qualified and reputable Homeopathic tincture suppliers. The original plants are wild or organically grown and are prepared in tincture form while they are still fresh. They are made according to either the German or French Homeopathic Pharmacopoeias. Non organic materials (chemicals, minerals, drugs etc) are made from the original substance where possible, which has been certified by the supplier as to its make-up and purity and then prepared according to pharmacopoeia instructions.


Our methods of potentisation use trituration procedures as laid down in Hahnemann's 5th and 6th edition of the Organon and our centessimal potencies are always made in 90% alcohol using a minimum of 20 firm hand succussions for each step. We succuss proved remedies by hand up to 200c and to 12x in the decimal scale. 

Individual soluble remedy samples can be hand potentised up to 30c by hand at a charge of £1.60 per step plus the cost of the final form required. There is a minimum charge of £15.00 per remedy. Further charges may be applied if the substance requires trituration.  Higher potencies can be made on the Helios Potentiser - please ask for details.

To encourage homoeopathic development, we offer a FREE potentising service, up to 30c, for new remedies which are subjected to a traditional group proving and publication. The cost of the sample, trituration time (if necessary) and potencies 30c to 200c and above will be charged at the rates above.

High Potencies

In 1994 after two years of research and development, Helios was proud to be the first British company to have its own high potency succussion machine. To make a high potency by hand would take weeks or months and is extremely labour intensive. In designing the Helios potentiser we have adhered as closely as possible to the human arm action of dilution and succussion "against a hard but elastic object" (aphorism 270) as per Hahnemann's instructions. The machine repeatedly empties and refills in a single vial (Korsakov method) until the desired potency is reached, the whole process being computer-controlled to ensure stability and accuracy. A constant supply of highly purified water is used as the diluent. For our customers benefit, where a remedy has been made by our machine we have indicated this on the label with the initials "HK" (Helios Korsakov)

LM potencies

We have a large range of LM potencies which have been prepared according to the Organon 6th edition (except that our vegetable remedies have been started using the 3c prepared by succussion in liquid dilution rather than trituration in lactose). The size of our LM granules is such that 100 = 60mg (1 grain) as Hahnemann suggests and all LM medicated granules are thoroughly medicated and dried before dispatch.

Over the last 27 years we have developed and promoted LM's to create a wide range of potencies for as many remedies as possible.  However, the pattern of prescribing has changed and higher potencies are being requested in ranges which will rarely be ordered again, therefore becoming a bespoke service. While we are happy to continue providing this service, the extra preparation time and storage costs make it necessary for us to add a surcharge of £3.00 (inc. VAT) for all forms of any potency dispensed over LM 100.

In cases when an order requires us to extend the potencies beyond that which we already hold by more than one LM step, we will charge £3 for every extra intermediary potency e.g. A request for Arnica LM 46 where the high available is LM 43 will cost an extra £3 x 2.