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Actinides In Homeopathy

sku: bk1866

The Actinides - included in the Uranium series of the Periodic Table - are highly radioactive elements. In a few deft paragraphs, author Patricia Le Roux paints a portrait of the children typically needing these remedies, illustrating each element with a case drawn from her busy paediatric practice in France: Great potential energy holds equal sway with disintegration and destruction; frequently early traumas - (suicide or severe illness in the family; catastrophes such as earthquakes and nuclear disaster) - sit alongside remarkable intuition and a sense of precocious wisdom. The cases themselves - described with her hallmark clarity and succinctness - cover a range of pathology from eczema, through seizures, depression, hyperactivity and ADHD.
The 53 year-old author died tragically in an accident just before publication of this work, but, in the words of Jan Scholten, "We can be thankful to Patricia Le Roux for making the pictures more precise, more alive, and thus easier to apply". Very well recommended.

ISBN: 9783941706644
Author: P. Le Roux