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Animal Talk

sku: BK2102

The author, a course facilitator, writer, and inspiration to a generation of other animal communicators, shares her wide experience of over thirty years. She shows how she is able to communicate telepathically with many different species of animal, and presents here her fascinating discussions with animals as diverse as rattlesnake, wasps, racoons, parrots, dogs, cats, rabbits and horses. She gives a meditation and step-by-step guide to help you enhance your own communication with animals - whether this is a beloved pet, or creature in your garden.
Her uplifting observations of animals are humbling to the human species, demonstrating how detached we have become from the animal world, especially in our erroneous assumption of superiority to it.
An enlightening, spiritually uplifting and evolutionary work.

ISBN: 9781582702148
Author: P. Smith