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Appearance & Circumstance

sku: bk1670

Facial features can indicate the preponderance of a particular miasm - together with a sub-set of polychrest remedies. These are discussed in detail in this new research from Australia. The author categorises miasms and their corresponding facial characteristics according to colours (for example, Psora is yellow); mixed characteristics are indicative of blended miasms (for example, purple would be a mix of Sycosis and Syphilis). If you are visually minded this interesting and ground-breaking perspective on homoeopathy - apparently very successful in Australia - is for you, and would simplify your prescribing enormously. (Companion book to
" Facial Analysis" - BK 1671). NB: f buying both this book and BK671 ask for BK 1672 - which will give the 2 together for £34.000 - i.e: a saving of almost £5.00

ISBN: 1877029475
Author: G. Bentley