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Applying Homeopathy and Bach Flower Therapy To Psychosomatic Illness

sku: bk1834

New to the Bach flower remedies? Keen to learn more - specifically, how well they combine with homoeopathic treatment?...Look no further! The author, a psychotherapist, Bach flower & homoeopathic practitioner, gives cases, in-depth portraits of the flowers, and describes the background and philosophy of their development. She explains how Bach flower remedies are capable of removing deep-seated mental/emotional blocks to healing, thereby revealing a clearer vantage point from which to prescribe homoeopathically. She clearly elucidates the interface between homoeopathy and flower remedies, emphasising how each system can complement and support the other - contrary to the opinion of some! A most interesting read and, containing her own repertory version of the Bach flower remedies, a user-friendly desktop guide as well.

ISBN: 8170217865
Author: Dr. C. Richardson-Boedler