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Bach Flower Remedies - The Essence Within

sku: bk1783

Beautiful, poetic evocation in words and colour photographs of the doctrine of signatures at the heart of the 38 Bach Flower essences. The solid endurance of Oak, for example, (massy branches capable of sustaining innumerable creatures), is contrasted with the upward swirling bark and explosive white flowers of the Sweet Chestnut whose keynote ability is to to lift one from the depths of despair into renewed light and optimism.
Use this book to enhance your sensitivity to and awareness of the Bach flowers via the medium of the beautiful colour and language portraits of each - or maybe as a tool for dowsing. Follow Dr. Bach throughout his personal voyage of discovery - starting with Impatiens on the river Usk in southern Wales - culminating in Sweet Chestnut.
Acquire the knowledge of how to pick and prepare flower essences ( maybe intuitively find your own ) using the tried and tested methods of Bach. This book is an absolute gem and would make a perfect gift!

ISBN: 9781874581826
Author: J. Barnard