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Banerji Protocols (The)

sku: bk1928

The Banerji protocols, presented here, are a therapeutics guide based on the vast clinical experience of 2 (father and son) homeopaths practising homeopathy in India from the early 20th C. through to the late 90's - seeing up to 300 patients daily! Based on their experiences of treating cancer particularly, their findings have been presented to and accepted by numerous scientific and conventional medical institutions world-wide. This guide will show you rapidly and very clearly which remedies to choose for the condition in question. For example, Brain abscess "First Line" suggested remedies are Ruta and Hepar sulph 6c in alternation every 3 hours, with Belladonna 3c every 15 minutes for acute pain, and Calc-phos 3x 2 doses daily. "Second Line" Ruta 6c /Silica 6x  alternating with Calc-Sulph 6x, every 3 hours, with Calc-phos 3x, 2 doses daily. The book is divided into Cancer, together with examples of many cured cases backed up by X-Ray evidence (Brain, Lung, Breast, Oesophagus, Stomach, Throat, Prostate, Pancreas, Bladder, Tongue/Cheek, Colon, and Liver). The second part covers General Diseases. There is even a protocol for space missions! Clear and very user-friendly, with an alphabetical index of conditions also at the back. For any homeopath treating serious pathology in their practice, this guide is a MUST.

ISBN: 9789380813219
Author: P. & P. Banerji