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Best Of Burnett (The) (Indian Ed)

sku: bk754

The works of this great early 19th C. pioneer and Doctor homeopath have been painstakingly brought together in 3 sections incorporating: his own observations, notes on medicines and therapeutics, and narratives of case reports. A former sceptic, Burnett started using Aconite on his fever wards - just to prove that it didn't work! Amazed by its efficacy, he converted to homeopathy and wrote extensively on his findings. These quirky, entertaining and very human writings are, naturally, products of their time as well as of the man - but they contain amazingly detailed findings and observations concerning a wealth of medical conditions, therapeutics and materia medica. Burnett's take on Angina, for example, is thought-provoking: "The abdominal organs immediately under the diaphragm should be critically mustered, for they very often encroach upon the heart's playroom (liver, spleen, distended stomach, and duodenum), and in such cases it is manifestly useless to treat the heart itself, because it may be quite equal to the work normally required of it when there is no obstruction, but yet cries out in agony when obstructions under the diaphragm are superadded"... or, (of cancer) "People have sought a solvent for tumour generally, but tumours are vital growths, and must be vitally approached and regarded. What comes vitally, must go vitally, and therefore gently, painlessly, and comparatively slowly".
There is so much of interest here - and such richness as well: of language, experience, wit and wisdom. Great bed-time read and / or general therapeutic reference. Good quality Indian hard-back edition.

ISBN: 8170212049
Author: J. Burnett