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Beyond Prozac

sku: bk1761

GP/ psychotherapist author questions the received wisdom in psychiatric circles that an imbalance in the brain's chemistry is responsible for mental illness and depression. Giving numerous cases of depressed and suicidal people he shows how it is through being listened to, empathised with, loved, and not labelled, that people learn to cope and recover from devastating despair. He is implacably opposed to the over-prescription of anti- depressants and shows how, fuelled by greed, Pharmaceutical companies have been responsible for encouraging a crippling reliance on drug-based therapies for mental illness. This in turn fosters a non-caring, non-listening approach towards those who need such qualities the most: people suffering the most appalling loneliness and despair, which our modern system of drug-based psychiatric care only serves to compound. If you are yourself depressed, know someone who is, or treat depressed people, then this book is for you.

ISBN: 1898059632
Author: Dr. T. Lynch