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Biological Medicine - The Future of Natural Healing

sku: bk1419

"We treat humans, not symptoms or diagnoses. We support the regulatory forces in the human, which brings healing from the inside."

Biological Medicine, published for the first time in this form, is a combination of the latest diagnostic technology and a broad range of traditional, natural healing methods including holistic dentistry and orthomolecular medicine.

Biological Medicine is based on a way of thinking different from that of modern Western orthodox medicine, a 'functional' thinking: every symptom has a meaning and a cause and is the body's response to an internal disturbance. The methods of Biological Medicine uncover disturbances of the inner milieu and burdens and shows ways of treatment of: Chronic Diseases, Metabolic disorders, Heart and lung disease and Neurological disorders and many more.

ISBN: 0925524646
Author: Thomas Rau M.D.