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Blood examination in Darkfield - DVD PAL

sku: dvd100

A video production by Scott Moyer

This remarkable video brings Dr. Maria Bleker's book on the research of Prof. Dr. Enderlein to life.

Prof. Enderlein was a biologist, zoologist, and chief curator of the Berlin Zoological Museum in the early 1900's.
He later founded his own biological institute where he developed unique medicines derived from specific strains of fungi and bacteria.
Best known for his research on microbes and blood parasitism, Prof. Dr. Enderlein taught a new view of biology based on the pleomorphic development of a mammalian parasite he called Endobiont. Prof. Enderlein's research represents a revolution in our understanding of microbes and their relationship to the biological terrain.

Filmed through a high-resolution Zeiss microscope, this DVD examines Prof. Enderlein's initial 14 developmental phases of the primary Endobiont found in human live blood. Each of the 14 stages is idenified using Prof. Enderlein's own hand-drawn illustrations, live blood segments, and a descriptive narration.


ISBN: 9783925524547
Author: Dr Maria-M Bleker

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