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Bodytox Detox Warm Patches (6 Pack)

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Bodytox™ Detox Warm Patches are firstly recognised for their ability to target and cleanse your liver, colon, kidneys, or other body functions simply by positioning the patch on the target area of the foot.

Additionally, using a warm-heat pigment and worldwide patented micro-capsules, the patches are effective when administered to areas such as the back, knee, neck, ankles or directly to any area which is causing you discomfort.

Bodytox™ Detox Warm Patches work as a result of the combination of high quality ingredients which create one of three things; negative ions, far infrared heat and absorption of unwanted toxins.


It is the selection of ingredients together with the quality and quantity used that makes Bodytox™ patches so effective.

Eucalyptus - is one of the largest trees in the world. The Australian aborigines were the first to discover the amazing health properties of Eucalyptus which is used to treat bladder, liver and gallbladder conditions, whooping cough, fever, flu, hoarseness, asthma, diabetes, scarlet fever, measles, sinus conditions, loss of appetite, acne, nerve pain and digestive complaints. Eucalyptus when exposed to the air converts positive ions into negative ions

Agaricus - agaricus mushrooms contain an active ingredient proven by research to be an incredibly effective enhancing agent for boosting the immune system to avoid getting sick - conventional medicine has nothing as powerful as this. 

Tourmaline - the tourmaline contained in these patches is of a premium grade crystal from Brazil. Tourmaline exerts a cleansing and liberating energy on our entire nervous system with a clearing and stabilising effect. The premium grade ensures that we obtain the maximum possible levels of natural negative ion emission – in this case over 1,200 per patch. Tourmaline also produces Far infrared rays.

Microcapsule - This is a Patented micro capsule container in which warming raw materials are placed to maintain a heating effect. This plays an important role for generating heat for an extended period of time.

Warming pigment - A type of carbohydrate which heats the area where the detox patch is applied, stimulates the spots suitable for acupuncture, and promotes blood circulation.