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Book of Ho'oponopono

sku: bk2098

Our memories and thought forms - many unconscious or sub-conscious, inherited from experience in the womb, from grand-parents, other family members, previous lives, and so on - are stored in our etheric body (the invisible subtle body in our aura closest to the physical).
An ancient Hawaiian ritual, adapted and modernised by Hawaiian shaman, Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, now allows anyone to do this deep cleansing safely, anywhere, and on their own. This protocol appeals to the divine Higher Power to heal disruptive thoughts and memories. It can therefore be best described as a process of reconciliation with yourself by virtue of love energy.
Learn about the background and the incredible diversity of use behind this profoundly healing, yet extremely simple spiritual technique.

ISBN: 9781620555101
Author: L.Bodin & N. Bodin/J.Graciet