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Gorgeous book - like its subject - examining both butterflies and moths (13 species) in terms of common and individual themes based on provings and clinical experience - each butterfly or moth being illustrated with a case and beautiful colour photograph - giving a good idea of the doctrine of signatures of each. All the cases presented relate to children and the themes of abandonment by a parent, agitation/ amusement/ ADHD (the butterfly mind); the double face - which may manifest in dreams as the mask (metamorphosis); Strongly colourful (like the butterfly itself); and a constant sense of imminent danger (being quite low on the food chain!). Lovely, inspirational work. The following are covered: Death's Head Hawkmoth ( Acherontia Atropos) ; Lilac Beauty ( Apeira Syringaria); Brown tail Moth (Bombyx liparis Chrysorrhoea); Processional Caterpillar ( Bombyx Processionaria); Marsh Fritillary (Euphydryas Aurinia); Brimstone (Gonepteryx Rhamni); Tailed Jay (Graphium Agamemnon); European Peacock (Inachis Io); Californian Sister (Limenitis Bredowii); Fox Moth (Macrothylacia Rubi); Blue Morpho (Morpho Peleides); Small Tortoiseshell (Nymphalis Urticae);Large White, or Cabbage White, ( Pieris Brassicae).

ISBN: 9783939931782
Author: P. Le Roux

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