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Extremely experienced doctor homeopath from Strasbourg details measures to alleviate the side effects of orthodox cancer treatment with homeopathy. He describes systematically and in detail which homeopathic remedies have proved effective for particular side effects - including nausea, sensory disturbances, loss of hair, mouth ulcers during chemotherapy, fatigue and pain after surgery, psychological problems, a weakened immune system and skin irritation caused by radiotherapy.
Drawing form his immense experience of seeing 4 thousand patients a year, Dr. Bagot gives very specific advice, giving targeted homeopathic guidelines to help combat the side effects of each particular medicine in chemotherapy. A perfect complement to conventional treatment, with very clear advice drawn form extensive and direct clinical experience. If you treat cancer patients, then this is for you.

ISBN: 9783944125213
Author: Dr. J. Bagot

sku: BK1935