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Childrens Strawberry Acidophilus Powder Biocare 60G Probiotic

sku: b13060

This probiotic powder is ideally suited to children from 6 months old, the elderly, or those individuals who are convalescing. Free from artificial colours, flavours or additives, it provides 2 billion beneficial bacteria per half a teaspoon.
Allergens: No Allergen

Additional Information

Ideal as a regular daily supplement for children from 6 months of age.
Guaranteed 2 billion potency per daily intake to end of shelf life if stored correctly.
Contains the unique, extensively tested LAB4 complex of friendly bacteria - human compatible strains that are bile and acid tolerant with high adherence ability and a proven history of safe use.
Hypoallergenic, dairy-free and free from artificial preservatives, colours and flavours.
Vacuum packed to maintain the stability of these fragile organisms.