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Colloidal Silver

sku: bk2103

The use of silver to treat disease dates back to the time of the Pharaohs, and possibly even earlier. This informative, scientifically based guide with case studies will show you how colloidal silver can help treat a wide range of complaints: viral, bacterial, fungal, including strep, staph and candida. More than 80 common diseases and conditions are covered, including eczema, acne, thrush, flu, gingivitis, hayfever, and conjunctivitis. The authors demonstrate how it accelerates the healing of cuts and bruises and how it can be used to treat our animal companions.
Debunking concerns about colloidal silver and argyria, or "Blue man" phenomenon associated with silver intake, the authors detail the correct dosages and applications of colloidal silver, including the proper parts per million (ppm) concentration for each ailment and daily use.
A very practical guide, emphasising the use of colloidal silver as an adjunctive therapy to orthodox treatment and diagnosis.

ISBN: 9781620555002
Author: W.Kühni / W. von Holst