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Companion To  Homeopathy

sku: bk1436

This is an epic overview of what homeopathy is - as well as what it is capable of achieving. Its author - a teacher and homeopath with decades of experience - imparts wisdom and originality of thought on issues such as the miasms and the effects of orthodox medication on the body - giving many case examples. He has extensive awareness of body systems - eg: the musculo-skeletal and hormonal - examining how they can be compromised and suppressed respectively by traumatic injury and drugs such as the contraceptive pill. His experience, allied to his breadth of knowledge and down-to-earth, clear, conversational style, are testimony to how he has inspired generations of student homeopaths. Information formerly only available to members of specialist tutorial groups but now distilled inside the covers of this very readable paperback volume- will interest both student and professional homeopath, as well as the interested lay-person. Highly recommended.

ISBN: 1906787719
Author: C. Griffith