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Compassionate Practitioner ( The )

sku: BK1952

Written by a homeopath - but entirely appropriate for any number of complementary practices (eg: Acupuncture, Reflexology, Naturopathy, Reiki, Body Work).
The author, herself supervisor of many practitioners and an experienced workshop facilitator, will give you confidence and insight into overcoming many of the pitfalls that can undermine a practice. With wisdom, encouragement and humour, she explores how to set appropriate boundaries; handle money, time management, and agree contracts with patients. As well as advice about how  to cultivate a centred, neutral space with a respectful and listening attitude towards patients, (Mindfulness), she explores many of the areas  you might find difficult: for example, interactions with overly dominant, time-consuming patients, suggesting ways to use your personal experiences with difficulty to promote self-growth. To support this, she advocates activities such as reflection, role-play, and journalling. Real life cases abound. This is a very approachable, clear, friendly guide to creating a successful, practice, encouraging you to learn and grow alongside your patients.

ISBN: 9781848192225
Author: J. Wood