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Complete Guide To Asperger's Syndrome

sku: BK1948

Extremely comprehensive guide written for therapists in the field of mental health, or indeed for anyone related to somebody with an actual or suspected diagnosis of Asperger's. The history of understanding this complex condition and its relation to Autism is explored. The main characteristics are very clearly described, along with coping strategies that might mask it - (girls being much less obviously Aspergers than boys). The complexity of dealing with Aspergers -  for the AS person and their family, school, and friends - is explored in detail. There are chapters on how to deal with out of control emotions and inappropriate social behaviour; how parents, school, classmates and the child's teacher can contribute to the child's progress and self-esteem, rather than, (as is sadly so common), to feelings of inadequacy, despair and isolation.
Chapters follow on the particular qualities expressed by Aspergers people including social understanding and friendship, cognitive abilities, sensory sensitivity, movement and co-ordination, and life after school, college and career. A complete resource of web-sites and FAQ's round off this excellent reference work, which will give you a thorough, in-depth, well-rounded and more compassionate understanding of Aspergers.

ISBN: 9781843106692
Author: T. Attwood