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Comprehensive Repertory New Hom Remedies

sku: BK2065

Colin Griffith has been practising and teaching homeopathy for 25 years. He has produced 2 volumes of  new, meditatively proved Materia Medica, many of them now mainstays among modern homeopaths .
He has gathered together these remedies in Repertory format, so that you can swiftly and easily use them. Echoing Murphy, the repertory follows an alphabetical Lay-out. Each rubric lists new remedies, as well as some of the indicated orthodox remedies similar to the new ones.
In the appendices are summarised keynotes of a further 14 remedies yet to be fully written up. These include ash from the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland (Eyjafjall Jokul), and Radioactive soil from Fukushima. Another appendix lists and briefly summarises aspects of some of the new remedies that make them useful during Pregnancy (for example - Acer (Sycamore Seed) - encourages movement in the bony structure of the body - eg: hips, to help accommodate the growing foetus). Two further appendices list miasms and the new remedies (the main 5 plus Radiation and Leprosy), and combination drainage remedies such as Tunbridge wells Water/ Oryza Sat/Lumbricus 12c or higher for IBS and food intolerance.
This has been written by a modern professional in the field whose clinical experience underpins it. You will feel confident and empowered in prescribing from a modern Repertory designed to help you use the new remedies with greater accuracy.

ISBN: 9781780287997
Author: C. Griffith

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