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Concordant Reference ( 2nd Edition )

sku: bk2017

NEW LOWER PRICE! The first of 4 volumes in the new Prisma series. Now expanded from 773 (Concordant old edition) to 1284 remedies - compiled from some 32 volumes of Materia Medica. The clinical symptoms (Hering) are now counterbalanced by the inclusion of Allen's Encyclopaedia and Materia Medica allowing for greater emphasis on provings and poisonings. This is one major difference between the Concordant Reference and  former Concordant editions. The scope afforded by Allen's inclusion enlarges more subjective sections in the Materia Media such as "Mind", "Dreams" and "Sensations as if" - greatly benefiting the medium and smaller remedies. In the author's own introductory comment, "A full array of interesting and valuable remedies, previously regarded as small, medium, or limited, now have expanded sections of their own, with useful enough information to elevate them to full and beneficial remedies in their own right."
To give some examples: Clematis Erecta 's type of depression is hugely fleshed out - showing a person perhaps suicidal at times, possibly bipolar, maybe even psychotic.
The Magnesiums are much more fully described - Mag Mur demonstrating a tendency towards Kleptomania for dainties! The mind symptoms of Onosmodium show characteristics that might be useful in Dyslexia, Dementia, or ADD. Many more examples abound. Every remedy is described both with its common and latin name, with formulas given for mineral and organic compounds, and family divisions for plants, animals, funghi, bacteria and viruses.
This is a landmark reference work of the classical Materia Medica which will enhance your prescribing and understanding of remedies.
N.B: Concordant has quantity of remedies,  (1285) whereas Synoptic 1 (505) and 2 (606) and, presumably, Prisma (222), have quality. Different remedies from each other, but much more fleshed out than as they appear in Concordant.

ISBN: 9781908127112
Author: F. Vermeulen