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Contemporary Repertory Med. Provings

sku: bk1629

Here at last - A repertory covering all remedies contained in Volumes 1 & 2 of "Meditative Provings". The lay-out is alphabetical (from Abdomen, through Chakras, Toxicity, to Vision); the language is, as far as possible, that used by the provers themselves, thus retaining each remedy's individual expression . Contains charts for astrology, chakras and remedy relationships; plus a remedy database indicating which volume of "Meditative Provings" the remedy is from; the proving date, and how the original substance was obtained. There is also a word index. A most welcome and useful addition to "Meditative Provings" themselves - one that should make the process of accurately identifying and selecting one of these remedies infinitely easier - leading to a wider awareness of their incredible usefulness in today's complex and swiftly changing world.

ISBN: 9780955492105
Author: P. Leszczuk/ K.Main