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Crazy Makers (The)

sku: bk674

Sub-titled, "How the Food industry is Destroying our Brains and Harming  our  Children", this  work scrutinises the appalling fact that the pseudo-foods promoted today can harm all of us - but especially the vulnerable brains and  central nervous systems of  babies, young children and adolescents. Read about how zinc-deficiency has become almost the norm in the West because of artificial hormones and processed bread - leading to depression, fuzzy thinking, and headaches. Iron deficiency in youngsters can be linked to violence, and Aspartame , (in sugary drinks like coke), can cause an array of problems from depression, thro' insomnia, hearing loss, and anxiety attacks. She investigates the horrific explosion of Autism in today's children - devoting a whole chapter to this subject and highlighting its link to gut issues.
The author, a certified clinical nutritionist, clearly shows us the very disturbing evidence that modern junk-food most certainly unbalances brain chemistry. She explores how its insidious effects are hardwired to an industry that callously puts profits first - and she suggests solutions to a problem now affecting us all in a fast-food, sugar-addicted world. Essential reading for anyone who wants to give their family healthy, balanced nutrition to sustain vital functions affecting all our health - and especially one of our most vital organs - the brain.

ISBN: 9781585426263
Author: C. Simontacchi