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Crossing The Healing Zone

sku: bk1899

Beautiful guide by this Jungian psychotherapist to the area he calls "The Healing Zone" - where the limitless, undefinable possibility for wholeness exists. Clearly written with a lot of fascinating research into the way the mind-brain works - holding us prisoner in the grip of a crippling complex - or allowing beauty and boundless possibility to flourish in the soul. He examines the myths of certain archetypal God/dess figures such as Hermes, Ganesh and Aditi - explaining how they can manifest and define your own life story - and how to engage their positive power. He playfully examines mind tricks that make us (and our loved ones!) miserable, and explores how to disengage from these distortions through active imagination - employing mindfulness, prayer, and meditation. He investigates the influence of all the chakras on our mind/body/spirit, inviting us to identify our predominant chakra along with its archetypal guide, its challenge - and its need for balance. Clear, comprehensive and fascinating guide to the human mind, soul and spirit.

ISBN: 9780892542031
Author: A. Bedi