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Cura Romana Weightloss Plan (The)

sku: bk1799

Leslie Kenton's New Cura Romana Weightloss Plan is a major advance on
her original Cura Romana book. It reveals her powerful new
Consolidation process which makes it easier than ever for weight lost
during Essential Spray+Food Plan to remain lost. This New Cura Romana
Weightloss Plan book shares Kenton's hands-on experience with thousands
of men and women who have done Cura Romana in recent years then merges
this with important, up-to-the-minute, research. It guides you
step-by-step through Kenton's ground-breaking second-generation
protocol. You learn how to banish addictions and clear food cravings.
You discover secrets for staying healthy and lean for life. Many who
have already experienced Cura Romana's new three step process say it is
little short of life-changing.


ISBN: 9780552170376
Author: L. Kenton