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Disease Called Childhood (A)

sku: BK2099

ADHD is increasingly widespread - particularly in the USA where children's aberrant behaviour is now routinely demonised, pathologised, and controlled with strong drugs that have the pharmaceutical industry's best interests at heart. This family therapist, who has been treating problem children and their families for around 25 years, argues that a lot of behavioural problems stem from nurture rather than nature. She points to evidence from France and Italy especially, where such children are treated very differently and ADHD barely has a label. She advocates simple, practical measures relating to diet, firm, quiet discipline, co-operation between home and school - giving examples of her success using such methods with a number of different families. Clearly argued with a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to parenting these undoubtedly difficult children - without recourse to drugging them with Ritalin.

ISBN: 9781101982884
Author: M. Wedge PhD