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Dreams, Symbols, & Homeopathy

sku: bk826

In this fascinating read the author gives a good grounding in the scope and application of Jungian thought - explaining concepts such as the archetype, shadow, animus and saboteur. She reflects how homeopathy heals through the response of an individual's vitality to the simillimum - showing how dream analysis can support homeopathy in its recognition of a remedy with scope for healing, or by indicating whether healing is or is not proceeding in the right direction. Many extremely interesting case examples illustrate this.
A discussion of tree remedies, milk remedies, remedies for the internal saboteur - and how symbols and archetypes from dreams relate to these - further enriches this enlightening voyage of discovery into the divided and healing Self. Although the subject matter is vast and complex, the author presents her material most lucidly - giving a coherent overview of how to approach and interpret the messages from your patients' - or indeed your own - subconscious. Inspiring.

ISBN: 9781556434365
Author: J. Cicchetti