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Drug Remedies

sku: BK2024

Drug remedies reach for the sky through their experience of the underworld: Addiction, Hallucination, Obsession, even criminality. Themes such as separation from family and /or society, isolation, as though there is no-one else in the world - speak of a Drug remedy. Losing the self, or the self merging with others, perhaps being deeply creative in the Arts, with sensations or dreams of floating, falling or flying - and a disconnection between head and body - are important general themes.
These are explored and related to some 75 particular remedies, grouped according to drug type. The author also examines the chemistry and organic structure of drugs, and  remedies are divided into three basic groups: Narcotics, Stimulants, and Hallucinogens - with the similarities and differentials between them clearly explained.
A lucid and fascinating exploration of this complex family, drawn from the plant and synthetic chemical world.

ISBN: 9781874581222
Author: P. Fraser