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Energy EFT For Teenagers

sku: BK2112

Teenage life is stressful - but here is a simple, profound method for teenagers quickly and easily to release their stress themselves, in a matter of minutes -  and start to shine. This extremely clear, thoroughly practical book is based on the author's own experiences with three teenage daughters, two of whom were on the autistic spectrum. Problems such as selective Mutism, Aspergers, Bullying, Eating Disorders, and low self-esteem, were overcome and, in the author's own words:
"We have triumphed and my girls are all growing up and thriving."
This very simple technique involves tapping on certain key acupressure points until the stressful issue melts away, and is turned instead into a positive emotion
A real tool for Mums, Dads, teenagers, carers and teachers to use with confidence.

ISBN: 9781908269652
Author: P. Kennedy