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Essential Oils

sku: bk2069

42 Essential Oils  described clearly in detail, covering their therapeutic properties,  psychological profiles , and most common uses.
For example, Fennel, for physical constipation, is constipated psychically as well: a result, perhaps, "Of a repressive childhood, and inadequate opportunity to communicate deep emotions...The habit of withholding expression on the emotional level (leading to) flatulence and constipation physically."
Myrrh is for blocked creativity and "Will put you back in touch with your purpose and help the expression of love".
A number of Blend recipes are given, for example, for decongestion, regeneration, detox, and immune boost, and safety indications are clearly highlighted.
Shows at a glance the oils most effective for a range of conditions in a handy chart.
Draws on the extensive research experience and knowledge of an internationally renowned health and beauty company.
Same remedies covered as in BK2068, but in a lot more detail - especially on the psychological profile.
Excellent self-help or desktop reference guide.

ISBN: 9781874581840
Author: S. Curtis

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