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Experience Of Medicine 1 (3 Provings)

sku: bk1575

Based on the premise that a lot of provings include extraneous material that could be due to the secondary reaction to a proving substance and the group dynamic of the remedy, the Australian school has proved 3 remedies, (all available at Helios), adopting a method allowing you to judge for yourself to what extent information is relevant, thereby keeping the baby in its pure essence of full potency bath-water.
These dramatic substances are entertainingly summarised by the author as follows:
"Chironex Fleckerii; Box Jellyfish
If there is a homeopathic Viagra then this is it. We have it. Look no further. Better still try it. But only at home. The uncontained, animal instinctual compulsive sexuality was completely out of control and forever memorable. But its value in hypertension may emerge over the next years.
Lampona Cylindrata; White Tailed Spider
The lasting memory of the 2000 proving was an image of a male prover backing his car into a petrol bowser trying to help a woman, his incredible difficulty being polite, of the sticky fluid coming out of a prover's belly button, of others' hallicinogenic hilarity. These will stay with me forever. And I still have my hot head.
Ficus Macrophylla; Moreton Bay Fig
To my mind this proving in 1999 will be the one remembered for the wickedness of the headaches I gave myself as I prepared the remedy. I have decided never to do this to myself; ever again. Awful headaches and then the impulse to protect and mother."

ISBN: 0975798200
Author: A. Gray