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Fairy Trail ( The ) DVD

sku: bk2083

This film investigates what shamanism in indigenous cultures all over the world have always taken for granted: nature spirits.
What is the core reality behind fairy stories and why are people still fascinated by these ephemeral Beings today?
It explores the story of Findhorn, in Scotland, renowned for its huge fruit and vegetables - grown with the help of nature spirits in the 1960's.
Is there an intelligent soul behind nature, and how can we get in contact with it?
This film gently approaches a world in which humans live in harmony with Nature and poetically evokes our longing to recapture this lost Paradise.
In German, with English subtitles.
95 minutes in length.
Produced by Candlelight Cinema.

Candlelight Cinema encourages you to watch and share inspirational films with friends and family, as a tool for social change. Why not make this into a special event for your own particular group - using material from the film as a focus for discussion? For further information about this inspiring concept and for information on other films, visit: 

Author: B. Schmidtke / T. Gerhard