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Falling Into Grace

sku: BK2108

Starting with the concept that the image we have of ourselves is just that - an image - this Zen Teacher explores the illusory and artificial nature of human thought.
When we think of ourselves as separate we suffer. When we totally identify with our own pain we suffer. When we awaken to an insight beyond these limited versions of ourselves - through grace - we receive a great gift. Grace can be experienced as a sudden insight, soft and blissful, or, as in the author's own case,  a fierce event that,"Cuts through us like a knife." He  comments further how, "Only through this experience of being defeated could (I) finally be open to the immensity of this unconditional love."
Such Grace is everywhere - if we only open ourselves to it. This wonderful book will help you to open your eyes, along with your heart.

ISBN: 9781604079371
Author: Adyashanti